DON’T FAIL IDAHO | 2012 – 2018

Don’t Fail Idaho was a public service campaign sponsored by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation. This effort was designed to raise awareness that improving education is critical for our children’s future and inspire the prioritization of actionable and timely solutions. The focus of Don’t Fail Idaho was to keep education at the center of statewide conversations about Idaho’s future. The campaign did this by being a catalyst for inspiring change—engaging a diverse and robust debate towards creating a brighter future for all Idahoans.

The ultimate goal of Don’t Fail Idaho was to make improving education Idaho’s top priority. Why? Because 47 other states are outperforming us in K-12 education, and our children deserve every possible opportunity to excel. Idaho’s ability to remain prosperous is only as strong as its willingness to innovate with the times and its workforce, and a strong workforce starts with a solid education.

Understanding where we stand, where there are gaps, and where there are opportunities to improve—these were all at the heart of Don’t Fail Idaho.


The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation is a private, family foundation committed to making Idaho a place to learn, thrive, and prosper. Founded in 1966, the Foundation has invested over $700M in Idaho toward these efforts.