A recent study by Georgetown University looked at jobs created after the recession and defined “good jobs”, as jobs that provide benefits, insurance, and retirement plans. According to the study, since the economic recession, there have been 2.9M “good jobs” created.

And of these 2.9M “good jobs” – every single one has gone to a college graduate. These jobs primarily reside outside of our state. Idaho has a low percentage of college graduates, ranks 50th in average weekly wages, and has a high percentage of jobs that pay the minimum wage.

Don’t all Idahoans deserve a job where they can provide for themselves and their families?

It may be a chicken-egg situation, but having an education system that produces people who are prepared for the workforce will create a stronger economy, and a stronger economy will create more “good jobs” for more Idahoans.

How can we create and keep “good jobs” in our great state?

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Good Jobs Are Back: College Graduates Are First in Line