Taking on the role of a principal can be a daunting task. Is Idaho doing all it should before principals step into their offices for the first time?

We all learn on the job. That’s just part of the gig: Learn, analyze, adapt.

The same is true for Idaho’s principals. The more experience they have the better equipped they are likely to be at tackling the issues at their respective schools.

A recent Education Week report asked a question: Who’s ready to be a principal?

It’s a simple question with complex answers. The report acknowledged that teachers who aspire to be principals land in university-based preparation programs. The report adds, however, that “very often, those programs don’t bestow the knowledge and skills that make would-be principals truly ready for the complex job that awaits.”

As Idaho strives to improve its education system, perhaps this report sparks a valid question: Are we doing enough to prepare qualified educators BEFORE they become principals?

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