Idaho is a majestically beautiful state.

It is abundant in natural treasure – impressive mountain views, pristine lakes and wild rivers, lush green forests, alluring high deserts, and deep and wide canyons. And it is home to amazing people and strong communities. All of this combined makes Idaho a rich place to live.

But the average weekly wage earned by Idahoans can make Idaho a challenging place to live. Idaho ranks 50th in average weekly wage. Forty-nine states have higher weekly wages than Idaho, and our average weekly wage is lower than the national average.

Idaho doesn’t rank 50th in cost of living. It doesn’t rank 50th in jobs available, or in workforce size or capability. Idaho doesn’t rank 50th in potential, or attitude, or grit.

Does the solution to this discrepancy lie in education?

Better education allows for individuals to earn higher wages by elevating the knowledge and skills they bring to the workforce. Education develops creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Education can empower creators and innovators who can create businesses, solutions, and opportunities, in turn creating more chances and opportunities for more Idahoans to earn higher wages.

Idaho ranks 48th in education.

Idahoans are already working hard. Let’s work smart too, and make Idaho a better place to work and earn.


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