Did you know that Idaho has a Higher Education Task Force?

It is the responsibility of this task force to analyze education in the state of Idaho and make recommendations on goals and how to achieve those goals. They investigate everything from school funding to supporting the workforce, and they meet throughout the year to hone their research and recommendations.

In 2017, the task force delivered 12 recommendations for Idaho education. What made the list?

  1. That the State Board of Education becomes more cost-efficient and student-centric.
  2. Idaho has missed this goal in the past, but this group recommended restating the goal to have 60% of Idahoans have a postsecondary education, with a new extended deadline of 2025.
  3. Remove barriers to education by creating a “digital campus” for the entire Idaho education system, so that location doesn’t hold any students back from pursuing their goals.
  4. They recommended the creation of “guided pathways.” These pathways would serve as a guide for each student through their educational careers and would be connected to the digital campus mentioned in recommendation number three.
  5. The guided pathways should include programs that lead more students on to post-secondary education, and give working adults access to postsecondary education regardless of location or schedule limitations.
  6. A statewide digital delivery system that is scalable, high-quality, accessible and affordable.
  7. Increased scholarship funding should be made available to Idaho high school students.
  8. An outcomes-based funding model, also known as a performance-based funding model, should be thoroughly vetted and undergo a careful analysis.
  9. Adoption of the Governor’s Workforce Development Task Force Recommendations, because the connection between education and the workforce is clear.
  10. A competency-based system to shift the way learning is measured.
  11. Partnering with more industry to include work place experience as part of the education experience.
  12. The final recommendation is to have workforce training count towards a degree or certificate completion.

It is clear that the task force has a vision for Idaho education that strips away the barriers to entry, connects education to the workforce, and keeps a goal of more Idahoans having postsecondary degrees/certificates.

Are these the right priorities for Idaho? What is missing from this list?


Idaho State Board of Education: Final Report – Higher Education Task Force